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Dedicated to making the world gooder
Let's proactively do something good for our world, our community, and ourselves.


friendly and like minded folks


to build something helpful


making something amazing

awesome nights

of karaoke, board games and friendship

What you need to know

Bring yourself, your laptop, and whatever you plan on wearing. We'll also be supplying lunch, dinner, snacks, and fun atmosphere. For a more in-depth run down of the weekend, check out our attendee information page. More questions? Drop us a note.

What does it cost?

Tickets are $25. Registration includes lunch and dinner during the conference . We are a break-even operation; all funds go toward paying for the event!

Anything else?

You’ll spend dinner meeting with your team, chatting about your projects, and getting your environments aligned. We’ve found the event is most successful, with the most buy-in, when teams are a cohesive bunch from the beginning.

Our Organizers

The folks you can blame for Python for Good

Sean Marcia

Came up with Python for Good, and it would not be possible without his hard work.

Polly Schandorf
Cat Herder

Loves community, helping others and making a difference in the world.

Melanie White
Python Ambassador

Passionate about raising awareness of social issues and injustice.

Python Community

We can't do this without the support of this amazing community.


Want to participate but need some help?

Python for Good is providing scholarship tickets to allow more people the opportunity to participate. The deadline to apply for a scholarship is July 15th and everyone who applies will be notified after the 20th of July. Click the link below to submit your request!

Apply for a Scholarship